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Emily Post's Wedding Planner

 Volume 9      Issue 7
Clothes for Mothers of the Bride

Brides and grooms, pass this article on to your mother and future mother-in-law.  Moms, here is some practical advice for choosing your dress for your child's wedding.

First, clothes for mothers of the bride are not just for mothers of the bride.  They are for mothers of the groom, too.  Both sets of parents are probably equally as stressed about what they are going to wear to such an important event, so realize that you are not alone on your quest for the perfect dress.

When choosing the clothes for mothers of the bride and groom, consider several factors:

  1. Is this a formal wedding?  If so, a formal dress is appropriate.  If not, you may be able to get away with a dress that is more casual.  But, be careful - if you have a flair for what is unique, this may not be the time to show it off.  Choose a dress you know your daughter or son would approve of and not be embarrassed to have you seen in.
  2. What colors are the wedding party wearing?  You do not want to wear the same color as the wedding party, but it would certainly be nice to wear a color that compliments the wedding color.  Think of the photos - you don't want to clash!
  3. If you are the mother of the groom it is appropriate to wait until after the mother of the bride has chosen her dress to choose yours.  Still, you can't wait forever, so if the mother of the bride is taking a long time and you know exactly what dress you want to wear, you certainly can purchase the dress of your dreams, but don't cut the tags off until after you find out what the mother of the bride is wearing.  The mother of the bride and groom can certainly wear the same color as long as they are both okay with it, but they definitely would not enjoy wearing the same dress!
  4. Ask your daughter to go shopping with you to find the perfect dress.  She may have wonderful advice about what would look great with the wedding party and on you.  Plus, it might be a good chance for the bride to focus on someone else for a bit.

Now that you have a good idea of how to start your search, here are some more tips on finding Elegant Mother of the Bride Dresses as well as Mother 0f the Bride Dresses Online.

I hope you find the perfect dress for your son or daughter's wedding.  Just remember though, it is not about the dress you are wearing, but about the love and support you have given to your children over the years. This is their day because of all you have given to them.  Realize that in your heart and it will be a perfect day - no matter what you are wearing!

Best Wishes,
Kelly Kons

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