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December 15, 2018  

bridesmaid dress online

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bridesmaid dress onlineBridesmaid Dress Online

Looking for bridesmaid dresses online? Here are some sites to get you started:

Bari Jay Bridesmaid Dresses - A very cool website, with ability to look at many bridesmaids dresses online in different colors. Probably medium to high priced, though must locate a retailer in your area to find exact amount. - Purchase your bridesmaid dress online. Size chart, nice search capabilities and features many designer gowns at reduced prices. - Shop for bridesmaids dresses right online. Many designers are featured. This site, however, takes a long time to load, making it difficult to use.

David's Bridal Online - They have an online catalog, but you cannot order online. You can create a "dressing room" and e-mail your choices to your bridesmaids. Their dress prices are fairly reasonable and they have locations across the country.

Dessy Bridesmaid Dresses - This is a relatively well-known bridesmaid dress maker - their prices are not the least expensive. You can choose dresses to e-mail to your bridal party, but you cannot order a bridesmaid dress online.

Gowns, Etc. Bridesmaid Dresses - This is not a well-known bridal dress maker, however, you can order securely online. They also have a size chart to eliminate the guesswork of what size to order in a particular style. Their prices seem reasonable - don't forget the cost of shipping - and they have online testimonials.

Jordan Bridesmaid Dresses - Click on the dress you are interested in and a box will pop-up with more information. Prices are not shown online, however my guess is that most are medium to high priced ($150+), since this is a designer bridal dress site. You can find a retailer near you by clicking on "store locator".

Watters & Watters Designer Bridal Gowns - Definitely designer bridesmaids dresses - rather pricey. But, there is a wide collection of styles, you can e-mail a dress to a friend, and there are many retailers across the country. You cannot order online.

Nordstrom's - Wide range of prices, and you can buy right online. There is also a store locator at the bottom of the page, and live help should you need it.

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