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May 27, 2020  

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Wedding Favor Poems

Wedding favor poems to attach or print on your seed packet wedding favors:
Wedding Favor Poem # 1

Plant these flowers
Let them bloom
Remember fondly
The bride and groom
And how this day
The vows they share
With work and nurture
Grow so rare
A marriage that
Is based in love
And like these seeds
Is from above.

Wedding Favor Poem # 3

Symbolic seeds
Plant, water, grow.
Just like our love
Reap and sow.
Reap and sow,
Grow and grow.
The more you sow
The more you reap.
The more you give
The more you keep.

Wedding Favor Poem # 2

Seeds so small
Provide amazement and wonder
At how they grow
Through lightning and thunder,
Through drought and rain,
Through laughter and pain;
Just like our love
Has grown each day
From one small kiss
To a bountiful bouquet
From selfish to spreading,
From our past to our wedding,
From present to future,
From young to old,
From small and fragile,
To beautiful and bold.

Wedding Favor Poem # 4

Tiny seeds need lots to grow;
Rain for nourishment,
The wind to blow,
The sun's light and warmth
To shine and glow.

Still the same we require;
Love for nourishment,
Trials to inspire,
The Son's truth and light
To be our desire.

Please help us in our heartfelt endeavor;
Plant your seeds and watch them grow,
Pray for our marriage that it may never
Have too much happiness or too much pain,
And that we may live in His love forever.

Don't forget to read how to make your seed packet wedding favors.

All poems by Kelly Kons.
Copyright © 2003. Permission granted to print on wedding favors.
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