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January 19, 2021  

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Proposal Stories

Dave Proposes to Lori Dave and Lori

"On December 17, 1995, David graduated from Purdue University. The ceremony proceeded as usual, but when David received his diploma, he pulled a sheet out of his gown, which was painted with the message, 'Lori, Will You Marry Me?' Now, Lori was sitting in the back of the first balcony and could barely read the sign. She couldn't figure out what David was doing and she did not want to be presumptuous.

Dave's mom said, "Lori, do you see what it says?".

Lori said, 'I can see it says,'Lori', but I can't make out the rest.'

Dave's mom said, 'Will you marry me!'

At this point the ladies behind them began to chatter because they thought that Dave's mom had just proposed to Lori. Lori was shocked. She had always hoped this day would come, but she had no idea it would be today. She did not know what to do.

Lori's dad said,'If he has all the guts to get up on stage and ask, you better run down there and give him an answer.'

By this time, David had moved to his seat. Lori went running down the steps to the ground level, only to find many black caps and gowns and not knowing which of them was David. She knew they were organized alphabetically, so she began asking people their last name. Finally, she found him in the middle of a row.

She knelt down and whispered, 'Dave....Dave....' Some of the other graduates next to him noticed her and tapped Dave on the shoulder. Dave was shocked to see Lori standing there. He wasn't expecting to see her so soon.

'I say yes,' Lori said.

Dave said, 'Oh..' as he frantically searched for the ring he had safety pinned to his shirt. He finally got it out and being so disoriented he almost passed it to the guy next to him, to pass it down to Lori.

But after a brief pause, he stood up and walked out to the aisle, bent down on one knee and said, 'Lori, will you marry me?'

Lori said, 'Yes.'

And then they kissed as the surrounding audience clapped for them. It was a very special day that we will never forget."

See Dave and Lori's wedding website.

Do you have a proposal story that you would like to share? Share your story with us!

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