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January 19, 2021  

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Proposal Stories

April and Travis April and Travis

I was back in Newfoundland visiting my relatives who I hadn't seen in 3 years and I wanted Travis to come back home with me to meet all of my family. I arrived 5 days ahead of him and he was to follow for a week vacation after he finished that week of work.

At the time we had been staying with my parents for 3 months until we could move into a house we had bought together. So my parents took all of aunts and uncles and grandparents out to dinner just two days after Travis got there.

There was 13 of us in a restraunt dinner room. Through out the night he started to look a little pale and I kept asking him if he was feeling ok because he didn't look too good. He was rubbing his hands on his pants like he was nervous or something.

I had no clue until he stood up and said there was something he would like too say. I was thinking "what is he doing?", it didn't even click until he said he'd like to start by saying how thankful he was to my parents for letting us stay with them until we got our house and the only way he could repay them was to promise to take care of me.

At this point, I burst into tears and could barely even hear him propose. He got down on his knees and all I could remember was telling him to get up!! The whole restaurant was wathcing us!! I was really happy though, of course I said "yes" and I got a beautiful ring with a big diamond!

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