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"I don't want to live - I want to love first, and live incidentally."
- Zelda Fitzgerald

Michael Connell and Jennifer Itzo
August 17, 2002

  Our Story
Jennifer says:
If I know Michael like I think I do - this is the only version of Our Story that you'll see.  So...
 We met though a blind date.  Michael's mother (Cathy) and my friend Julie's father (Nick) work together.  Cathy was talking one day about her son Mike who had just gotten out of the Marine Corp & Nick said that he knew someone who was having a hard time finding "Mr Right" & they started conspiring to hook us up. *** I wasn't having a hard time finding "Mr. Right" - I just didn't know his phone number.***
So, anyway, Nick called me at work & asked me if it would be alright if someone called me.  I agreed - reluctantly (Because I had never met anyone like that before)- but I agreed.  A few hours later I received a call from Mike.  We did the basics - "What do you do for a living?", "How old are you?", "How much money do you make?" - Just kidding - He didn't ask that - just me (HAHA).  And finally he asked me out for a date the following weekend.  I agreed and we decided to meet at Houlihan's in Crossgates Mall.  The only thing he told me was that he would be wearing a black leather jacket.  It was November & cold, so everybody was wearing a black leather jacket.  Somehow I managed to find him and the rest is just like a dream.  That was November 4, 2000 and my life has been perfect ever since.  We moved in together in August of 2001 (I know "Living In Sin" - but we are truely happy together.  He proposed on Christmas Eve 2001 and of course I accepted.  Things have been pretty hectic since the engagement - because my mother left 2 days later to spend 3 months in Florida, so I've had to plan alot on my own.  I know it'll get easier as soon as she gets back in April - I can't wait.  So that's my version of the events leading up to us getting married - Hope you enjoyed the story!

Michael says:
Not available at the present time - The groom is too busy planning the rest of our lives!!!


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