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Brilliant Wedding Pages July 12, 2004

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Cheap Bridal Flip Flops

A great trend with today's weddings is for the bride to wear flip flops.  I think this is a great idea because you may as well be comfortable on your wedding day!  And, the style of most wedding dresses covers your shoes, anyway, so hardly anyone will notice that you aren't wearing fancy high heals.

But, if you can't bring yourself to walk down the aisle in cheap flip flops, you can always change into them later in the evening when the serious dancing begins and your feet cannot take the "grownup shoes" any longer.  Don't just wear any flip flops, though!  Make them wedding-esque.  Purchase white flips flops with or without sequins or beading.  You can even give your bridal party color-coordinated flip flops as part of a bridal party gift (Old Navy sells an extremely basic pair of flip flops for an unbelievable price.  Check it out.)

Flip flops are not that expensive if you aren't too picky.  You can get a really basic pair of cheap flip flops for anywhere between $5-$15 at your local department or shoe store.  You may also be able to find a fancier pair of flip flops that have a pricier tag, but still not out of the realm of possibilities.

Here are some stores I found online that sell cheap flip flops:

And here are some examples of those flip flops:

Target even carries flip flops for after the wedding.

Or, if you are a creative soul, ask for the leftover beads when your wedding dress is being altered and hot glue them on to your flip flops.  You can even use jewelry wire to string beads or sequins onto and then sew them on to your bridal flip flops for very cheap!  (Of course, you could just purchase your bridal flip flops with the sequins and beads already on them, but they will probably be more expensive.)

Be comfortable on your wedding day and have fun with your cheap bridal flip flops!

Best Wishes,
Kelly Kons

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