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Wedding Details

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Planning a Wedding to Remember

 Volume 11      Issue 1
Free Bridal Shower Ideas

Between now and December my husband has 5 cousins getting married!  In addition to that, his brother will be tying the knot, my sister will be getting hitched and my best friend will be saying "I do".  As you can imagine, with all of these weddings in the near future, I have been attending (and throwing!) a lot of bridal showers.  So, I thought I would share some of the best bridal shower ideas I have seen so far.

Hot Potato
Okay, well it isn't really a hot potato.  What you do is at the beginning of the shower have everyone sit in a circle.  You tell them that when say "time" that whoever is left holding the wrapped gift will have to wear what is inside for the rest of the shower - and make sure that they think they don't want to wear the "gift" inside.  As each person holds the "gift" they say how they know the bride, then they pass it to the person on their left.  The second time around, they can share a tidbut that others might not know about the bride or something along those lines.  When "time" is called, the person holding the "gift" can open it.  Inside have a beautiful corsage for that person to wear (you can even rig it so that someone special gets the corsage).

Bridal Dress-Up
Divide the attendees into several teams.  Give each team a few rolls of toilet paper.  Each team has 10 minutes to dress one of the ladies up in a wedding dress made of toilet paper.  When their time is up, everyone can vote on who has created the best bride or you can ask the bride to choose her favorite.  By the way, you can also have the actual bride be one of the dressed up toilet paper brides and if men are in attendance, you can have them make a toilet paper groom out of the actual groom, too!

Door Prizes
As each person arrives at the shower, ask them to write their name and address on an envelope.  The envelopes should come from packets of thank you cards that you purchase on behalf of the bride.  At different intervals during the shower "draw" an envelope from the pile and award that person with a door prize.  When the shower is over, give the bride all of the pre-addressed envelopes as well as the thank you cards to go with them for her to send to everyone in attendance.

Supply Bride
Purchase an ironing board, broom, apron, oven mitts, mop, spatula, rubber sraper, and mixing spoon.  At the entrance to the shower, set up the above items in such a manner that they look like a person.  The apron goes over the ironing board to make the body.  The broom goes behind the "body" with the bristles up to make the head.  Use two mixing spoons for the arms, and place oven mitts over them to make the hands.  Have one of the hands holding the mop.  Place the scraper and spatula (or other kitchen utensils) in the pocket of the apron.  Finally, add a cartoon quote (from paper or poster board) from the head with a message welcoming all of the guests to the shower in honor of the bride's name.

I hope you enjoy these free bridal shower ideas and that they help you to throw a terrific bridal shower.

Best Wishes,
Kelly Kons

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