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Brilliant Wedding Pages February 9, 2004


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 Volume 9      Issue 9
Inexpensive Valentines Ideas

So, you're engaged and Valentine's Day is coming up super-fast.  You want to make this one special, and yet you're feeling absolutely broke with all of the wedding expenses.  What to do?

Well, whoever said "special" means expensive?  Here are some simple, romantic, and yet inexpensive ideas to make your Valentine's Day a great one this year.

At for gift certificates. you can purchase gift certificates to restaurants in your area at half the price.  Some restrictions or blackout dates may apply, so be sure to read instructions thoroughly.  You will also want to purchase your certificate with plenty of time to receive it before the date of your Valentine Date.  And, because Valentine's weekend is a busy one, be sure to get your reservations in ahead of time.

You can also bid on gift certificates to restaurants on Ebay! - try searching on your city and state (ex. Milwaukee, WI).

If you work for a large company, union, or belong to any specialty organizations, be sure to check out your membership benefits (often there is a website you can find these on).  You may be surprised at all of the wonderful discounts you are privileged to receive!  For example, my husband recently found out that he can pre-order movie tickets at a discount price through his company.  We haven't had a chance to test this benefit out, yet, but it sounds quite promising.  I also found out online that AFL-CIO union members can get a 15% discount on flowers.  Make sure to look into any benefits you may have coming to you!

Both of the following websites allow you to compare floral prices online:

Just remember, the price of roses skyrockets around Valentine's Day every year, so why not choose another beautiful in-season flower to give this year?  (For example, I found beautiful "Moonshadow Carnations" for $29.99 - that's at least $10-$50 less than a dozen roses.)

It is a good idea to also consider doing something non-traditional for Valentine's Day this year (a.k.a. not red roses, dinner, and a movie or theatre tickets).  Check out our past CEB article on Romantic Ideas for Valentine's Day, or come up with some of your own ideas to impress your fiance.

By the way, in such a stressful time in your life, don't forget the value of an evening spent at home in front of the fireplace, with a glass of wine, and frozen pizza.  You may be surprised at how much more relaxing and romantic it is to just take a break and breathe.  Focus on one another, and your love and you will have the best Valentine's Day ever!

Best Wishes,
Kelly Kons

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