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Brilliant Wedding Pages September 8, 2003

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 Volume 8      Issue 8
Save on Wedding Tux Rental

Let's face it - while most of your friends are thrilled that you have asked them to stand up in your wedding, they also dread the expense of doing so.  Wouldn't it be great if you could save them a bit of mula?  Here are some tips to help you save money on one of the largest expenses for the guys - the wedding tux rental.

  1. Shop around - Ask tuxedo stores for their prices before looking at their tux options.  Compile a list of who is more expensive and who is less expensive for your wedding tux rental.

  2. Compare tuxes as well - The in-style tuxedos may be more expensive, whereas a more classic tuxedo may be less expensive.  (This has the added benefit of not dating your wedding photos.)

  3. Make sure to ask about group discounts - Some wedding tux rental stores will give you a discount if you plan to rent (or even buy) more than 4 or 5 tuxedos.

  4. Don't get all the extras - Your wedding tux rental store may charge you more for certain extras (ex. cuff links, shoes).  Rather than choosing to have your groomsmen and ushers wear these extras, consider foregoing them altogether.  Sure, it might look more coordinated if everyone wears the same shoe, but you could save your groomsmen $20 or more each by asking them to just wear their own black dress shoes - something most men have already.

  5. Consider wearing suits instead of tuxedos - Even though the short-term cost may be higher, it may be worth it in the long-term for your groomsmen to purchase a suit rather than to rent a tuxedo.  Talk to your groomsmen and see what they think of this idea.  They may be quite open to purchasing a $250 suit (which they can wear over and over again) instead of spending $125 on renting a wedding tux (that they will never get to wear again).  I had friends who did this and they were even able to get a discount on the same suit because they were purchasing so many.  I think the groom also gave each of his groomsmen a monogrammed shirt and matching ties as a gift for standing up in their wedding.  It looked very good, and I didn't even notice that they weren't wearing rented wedding tuxes.

  6. Allow your groomsmen to wear any suit - You can specify that they should all be black or navy blue, but ask them all to come wearing a suit.  Some will probably already have one, but some may need to purchase one.  You can give them all the same tie to wear with a regular white shirt.  Many bridesmaids are going this route - wearing different dresses of the same color - why shouldn't the groomsmen as well?!

Hope this helps you to think of creative ways to save your closest friends some money on the wedding tux rental.

Best Wishes!

 Kelly Kons

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