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Brilliant Wedding Pages August 11, 2003

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 Volume 8      Issue 6
Destination Wedding Announcement

I recently received a very creative destination wedding announcement.  This destination wedding announcement was a message in a bottle - literally.  The destination wedding announcement arrived in my mailbox as a clear plastic bottle with a message in it and immediately sparked my curiosity and had me quite intrigued.

Friends of our family, who have chosen to be wed in Cancun sent us this unique destination wedding announcement and I wanted to share their awesome idea with you.

First, you need to purchase the bottles for your message in a bottle destination wedding announcement.  I searched online and found a few sites where you can purchase plastic bottles.  Some sites also sell glass bottles, but I would recommend sticking with plastic because you will be sending these through the mail and don't want your destination wedding announcements to be broken before they get to your friends and family.

Here are the sites I found:

Both of these websites sell plastic bottles without any embellishments.  You can also search on "plastic message bottle" and you will discover some sites that sell destination wedding announcements assembled with your message, but at a much more expensive price.

The next thing you will need to do is purchase some sand to go in your destination wedding announcement.

Both of the above sites sell all different colors of sand.  You can stick to the white sand of a tropical island, or you could choose your wedding colors to put at the bottom of your destination wedding announcement message in a bottle.  No matter what color you choose, however, you will not need a lot of sand.  If you plan to send 50 announcements and will put just a 1/4 of an inch of sand at the bottom of each bottle, a pound or two of sand may be plenty.

You may also want to add some light decorations to your destination wedding announcement.  Such as, paper drink umbrellas:

Or, other lightweight and destination wedding-themed items.  Browse your local dollar store for some good ideas.

Finally, to make the actual announcements, use your computer to print out 4 announcements per every 8-1/2 x 11 in. piece of paper.  You can also use our destination wedding announcement template.  Roll the cut rectangles tightly and tie them with a piece of twine. Stuff them (leaving plenty of space for your guests to be able to get them out) into the bottles, place the cork on the top and you are almost ready to go.

You will also need to make address labels.  You can use Microsoft Word to create these.  Or, our online address label template may help you out as well.

The last thing you should do is take your destination wedding announcement message in a bottle to your post office to be weighed for the exact postage it will need.  Stick the appropriate amount of postage onto the outside of each bottle along with the address label and return address and send them USPS.

I hope you enjoy this unique idea for a destination wedding announcement and that your guests will be delighted at receiving them.

Kelly Kons

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