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Brilliant Wedding Pages July 28, 2003

Featured Couple: Kim and Scott

Kim and Scott

Visit the wedding website of Kim and Scott to see how one couple is sharing the joy of their wedding!
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 Volume 8      Issue 5
Wedding Candle Centerpieces

Creating wedding candle centerpieces for table decorations at your wedding can add an elegant and modern touch to your wedding!  Wedding candle centerpieces are a very easy table centerpiece to create and can be cost-effective if you do your homework.  Here's what you do to create your wedding candle centerpieces.

Find a large plate to serve as the candle holder.  You can choose a plate in your wedding colors or within the theme of your wedding.  Here are some nice plates that I found online:

Next choose some different sized and/or shaped candles to place on top of your plate candle holder.  I really liked some blue candles I found online at Pier One Imports.

I would place one larger candle, one medium-sized candle and several smaller votives or tea light candles around the two largest candles.

Now, I was "shopping" at brand name stores to find these decorative candles and plates and the total cost of my wedding candle centerpieces would be between $20-$25/centerpiece.  I know you can make your wedding candle centerpieces for less if you do some bargain-hunting and sale-watching!  So get out there and get shopping!

If you want, you can also go to the nearest fabric or craft store and purchase some ribbon and gold or silver heart stickers or buttons.  Cut the ribbon to fit around the candle with the 2 ends draping past the center.  Use the sticker or button to fasten the ribbon together and to the candle.

The wedding candle centerpieces makes an eye-pleasing assortment of candles in the center of your table and adds a flare of romance to your wedding reception.  Have fun creating wedding candle centerpieces and adding your own unique touch to them!

Kelly Kons

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