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 Volume 8      Issue 4
Wedding Reception Seating Plan

Are you ready to make your wedding reception seating plan?  At first making your wedding reception seating plan may appear simple, but it can quickly become quite complicated.

To begin your wedding reception seating plan, you will first need to know how many tables you will set up at your wedding reception, as well as how many chairs will be at each table.  To find this out, contact your wedding reception facility and make sure to also ask them for a chart of where the tables will be at your wedding reception.

Next, using a pencil with a good eraser, decide which of your guests will sit with one another in your wedding reception seating plan. You should enlist the help of both sets of your parents for this task.  They will know which of their friends should sit with which of their other friends, etc.  In fact, you may want to let them do their portion of the guest list and wedding reception seating plan on their own.  Any people who do not fill a whole table can later be joined together to make a table, providing that you think they will get along and be comfortable together.

You can see our online wedding reception seating plan worksheet to help you out. 

With this wedding reception seating plan worksheet, begin by putting names next to each of the numbers.  Here are some tips to help as you begin assigning the wedding reception seating:

  1. Keep small children next to their parents.
  2. Sit your guests with people they will be comfortable with.
  3. You will more than likely end up having to put some people with other people that they do not know.  When this happens, do your best to sit them with others who are like them, or are around their same age.

Next, get together with both of your parents to choose which actual table in the wedding reception facility that each of your newly-formed table-lists will be sitting at.  This is where a chart of your wedding reception facility will come in handy.  If the tables on the wedding reception table chart do not already have numbers, assign them numbers.  (If you are not able to obtain such a chart, you can create a makeshift one yourself keeping in mind that the way in which you create it will probably not be exactly how it turns out.) 

If you are having a big wedding, assigning the wedding reception seating plan can be a source for contention amongst you and your family. You may want your friends up front and your mom may want your Great-Aunt Sally to be front and center.  Some tables may need to be taken down after dinner to make room for dancing, so those people will be displaced.  If you know of people who need a chair (elderly or handicapped) be sure not to seat them at table that will be removed.

A good way to begin choosing a table for each of your table-lists is to take turns.  The bride chooses the first table, the groom chooses the second, the bride's parents choose the third, and the groom's parents choose the fourth (if you have more sets of parents you will have to decide what order to go in).  Then, start at the beginning again.  Each time a table-list is assigned a table, write the number of the table at the top of the table-list on our wedding reception seating plan worksheet.

You will also want to decide how to seat the bridesmaids and groomsmen at the head table.  There are several options for this.  If you are having one long table, the following is the traditional set up:

Bridal Table Traditional

(gm=groomsmen, bm=bridesmaid, BM=Best Man, MOH=Maid of Honor)

If you decide, however, that you would like your friends next to one another here is another option that many brides and grooms are choosing today:

Bridal Table Modern

(gm=groomsmen, bm=bridesmaid, BM=Best Man, MOH=Maid of Honor)

If you are having a round head table, you may want to include the significant others of the people in your bridal party, since it will make them more comfortable.  Seating plans for a round head table can be however you would like them to be.

Good luck with your wedding reception seating plan.  Do your best with it, and everything will turn out just fine!

Kelly Kons


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