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Brilliant Wedding Pages October 21, 2002

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 Volume 6      Issue 2
Candy Wedding Favors

A crowd-pleaser, you can never go wrong with candy wedding favors. In fact, candy can be a relatively cost-effective wedding favor as long as you know how to go about it. Here is a simple, yet elegant way to give your wedding guests candy favors.

First, choose the type of candy you would like to put in the wedding favors. Many people use Jordan Almonds or M&Ms in their wedding colors. One of my favorites is dutch chocolate mints.

* offers a wide variety of candies at bulk prices. What I like is that you can get 10 lbs. of dutch chocolate mints for $51.50 + $13.79 shipping (approx. 2100 mints). If you do the math on that, this means you can give:

  • 105 guests 20 mints a piece for $0.62 a favor
  • 140 guests 15 mints a piece for $0.47 a favor
  • 210 guests 10 mints a piece for just $0.31 a favor
  • You can do more math if you would like!

Those are not too bad of prices, but you may want to search around and make sure you can't find a better price at a local candy store or another online site.

Plus, we should factor in the cost of presentation. In order to make these wedding favors elegant, wrap them in tulle and tie them with a ribbon. You can buy tulle at your local craft store in rolls, sheets, or circles.

You can actually buy tulle circles (already cut in a circle, so you don't have to do it) on sale at *

You can get 150 tulle circles for $14.94 + $4.99 shipping = $19.93. For our 140 guests, this is an additional price of $0.14/guest. Bringing the subtotal of our candy wedding favors to $0.61 per favor for 140 wedding guests.

Finally, we need to add the cost of ribbon to our price. This will be a more approximate amount, but assuming you can get 6 ribbons out of 1 yard of ribbon, that would be 48 ribbons per 8 yards. You can get 8 yards of double-faced satin ribbon on sale for $1.99 at * 140 ribbons = 3 rolls of ribbon = $5.97 = $0.04 per ribbon.

This brings our grand total to $0.65 per wedding favor for 140 guests! Not bad! And, the more you shop around and look for deals, the better price you may be able to get! Plus, look into other types of candies. Depending on your preference and their availability, M&Ms, Jordan Almonds, or another favorite may be significantly less.

As usual, be creative, do your research, and have fun making your favors! Your guests will appreciate your wedding favors a lot more when they know how much effort you put into them.

Best Wishes,
Kelly Kons

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