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 Volume 5      Issue 6
Ideas to Ask Your Bridal Party - Luncheons, Poems, and More

As promised in the last newsletter, this article is on unique ways to ask your friends or family to be a part of your bridal party. Sure, you could just ask, but what fun would that be? Plus, if your bridal party is scattered across the country, this can be a fun way to ask that isn't over the phone, but doesn't require you to be there in person.

Bride and Bridesmaid1. A good friend of mine, Beth, was asked to stand up in another friend's wedding (Julie) via a children's storybook. Julie wrote personal notes to each of her potential bridal party members in the jacket of several different children's storybooks. She wrote about their friendship and what it has meant to her and then near the end asked each to be a part of her wedding day. I especially like this idea because now Beth has a little keepsake of their friendship, plus a memory to share with her children someday through this book.

2. You can create a similar effect through a book of friendship quotes or poems. Write your favorite quote or poem in the front of the book and then ask your friend to be there for you on a very important day in your life.

3. Frame one of your favorite pictures of you and each of the persons you would like in your bridal party. On the back of the photo write a note of what their friendship has meant to you. If you give it to them in person, you can then ask or if you are sending it to them you can attach a separate note.

Bridal Party at Wedding4. If everyone in your potential bridal party lives nearby, invite them over for lunch to tell them personally how much they mean to you. If they don't already know you are engaged, it might be a fun way to drop the news on them by first asking them to stand up in your wedding. When they realize you mean in the near future, they might get quite excited!

No matter how you decide to ask, remember to show your bridal party how important they are to YOU. Too many times we focus on ourselves and how they need to be there for us, when in reality what we want to say is how important our friends have been to us and how we are hoping they could step into that role yet another time. Your friends, siblings, cousins, etc., will probably be a lot more excited to be in your wedding after hearing how much they mean to you.

Groom and GroomsmenTake these ideas and make them into your own. Be creative and most importantly have fun! Your friends are the people who have stood behind you and helped you to get where you are. They have probably even helped to shape the personality that your future spouse has fallen in love with - so, you have a lot to thank them for! And, although your life will soon be more focused on just the two of you, the support and love of your friends will also grow more important even as your love for each other grows.

Kelly Kons

* dedicated to the friends who have supported me in my marriage and in my life (especially you Beth, Bridgett, and Lori). The world would not be as great a place without you. Thank you for all you do!

These links may help you in asking and honoring your bridal party:
Check out these books at!

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The Perfect Wedding Reception

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Wedding Details

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