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Brilliant Wedding Pages March 25, 2002


...Someday we will be like that couple living down the street - married for longer than we can remember taking our morning walk arm-in-arm. We will go "strolling".
And, we'll be even happier than we are today.

Imagine that.
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Andrew and Heather

Andrew and Heather
September 28, 2002
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Make a Wedding Card Holder Basket

Are you contemplating renting one of those fancy card baskets for the day of your wedding? Why spend the money on renting, when you can make an elegant basket and have the possibility of using for something else in the future. Here is what my good friend, Julie, did for her wedding.

Find a decent-priced picnic basket - these can get quite expensive, so don't go overboard. You are going to glitz it up a bit, so it doesn't need to be the best looking or the best quality basket in the world. Julie got hers at Pier One Imports. (I did a search on "picnic baskets" at * today and found a picnic basket on sale for $8.40!)

Next, if you would like, you can spray paint your basket white, or your wedding colors. Spraying it white makes it look a little more wedding-ish, but is not necessary.

Then, Julie snipped the straw that was acting as a hinge between the basket and the tops of the basket. She did this in order to be able to pull the tops more towards the edge of the basket, creating an opening in the middle for the cards to be dropped through.

Next, Julie a roll of ribbon and weaved the top of the basket to the main portion of the basket - literally, she sewed the basket shut! By doing this, she made her card basket secure from any untrustworthy people that may have been hanging around that she did not know about. (She also made sure to place the basket away from the exit door, so that no one could walk off with the basket.) She hot-glued the ends of the ribbon and tied a bow to cover it.

She also took a string of pearl-like beads that she found at her local craft store and glued them along the edge of the basket. She wrapped the handle in tulle that she twisted and intertwined it with more of the beads and tied a bow where the handle met the basket.

Julie's guests were then able to place their card in the space between the two top flaps of the basket. Julie weaved the ribbon tightly so that the space in between these two parts would be maximized.

Julie's basket was elegant and tasteful, yet she did not spend a lot of money or time on making it. Have fun with this project and make it your own through your creativity.

Kelly Kons,

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