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Brilliant Wedding Pages March 11, 2002

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August 16, 2003
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    The Language of Marriage

    The Language of Marriage

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     Volume 4      Issue 2
    How to Emboss Elegant Wedding Invitations

    Do you want to make your ceremony programs more unique? Would you like to make all of your thank you notes? Are you having a small budgeted wedding and would like to make your wedding invitations, but still have them look elegant and expensive?

    Wedding Invitation

    Embossing is a great way to do any of the above. What embossing does is use colors, stamps, and patterns to raise the surface of your invitations, programs, or thank you notes, making them look more professional.

    Here is what you will need:

    • Embossing Heat Tool (approx. $35 at craft store).
    • Embossing Powder in theme colors (aprrox. $5/bottle)
    • Embossing Ink Pad (approx. $5)
    • Stamps ($5.00-$10.00 per stamp)

    The stamp is the image that you are going to emboss onto your paper, so choose one or two that you feel fit in with the theme of your wedding or weddings in general. For example, I have a friend who used 2 hearts entwined on her invitations, program, and thank you notes. I have another friend who used a tulip design on her program alone. Both were very elegant and impressive.

    The embossing powder will go a long way, so try to stick to one or two colors. Especially, if you want to keep your costs down and stick to your budget, don't choose too many colors or too many stamps.

    The largest expense, of course, is the embossing heat tool. But, if you are planning on getting into scrapbooking, or embossing in the future, I think this cost will be worth it. (And, Michelle has written me to let me know that you can also use an iron. Just hold the iron close to the powder and it will melt. But, be very careful! Irons are a lot more bulky and difficult to maneuver - and can get quite hot!)

    So, how to emboss? It is so easy! Just stamp the ink pad, then the paper. Then, sprinkle some powder onto the stamped area. Make sure to tap off extra powder (You can save the powder by tapping it into the middle of a folded piece of paper to be funneled back into the container) Next, using the heat tool, apply heat to the stamped area for a few seconds until you see the powder melt into your stamped image. Voila! You have embossed!

    Thank You Note

    You can continue doing this with different colors or stamps. It is a lot of fun, so easy, and extremely cost-effective when you compare to buying your wedding invitations, thank you notes, or ceremony programs from a printer for a small wedding.

    As always, have fun with it, be creative, and experiment with how you want it to look! And, good luck to you in all your plans!

    Kelly Kons,

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