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 "Love wholeheartedly, be surprised, give thanks and praise, then you will discover the fullness of your life."
- David Steindl-Rast

Ed Murray and Sarah Stutz
August 17, 2002

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6/25/2013 9:35:38 PM CST
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From: IkeFriend of Bride
10/16/2004 5:05:56 AM CST
loking for Aaron, childhood friend. Did you live in Davenport IA?

From: Tara StutzOther
8/23/2004 5:23:52 PM CST
Don't know you guys..accidentally came upon your website...small world, my name is Tara Stutz and our wedding anniversary is also August 17 (1991 though) and our ceremony was also at 2:30 in the afternoon....Best wishes to you both.

From: IGBO-KWENUBest Man
12/5/2002 5:03:26 PM CST

From: ShastaFriend of Bride Groom
8/23/2002 8:35:15 AM CST
Hello Mr. & Mrs. Murray,Congratulations, the pictures are great!I loved seeing them all. I hope you'reenjoying your honeymoon right about now,and ready to start your life adventuretogether. Best of luck, and stay in touch!Love always,Shannon

From: Marsha Jim PenistonFriend of Bride's Family
8/17/2002 12:36:39 PM CST
We wish you a life filled with love and joy!!Love,Marsha and Jim Jennifer and Tony Shawn

From: Gil TatgeFriend of Bride Groom
8/7/2002 7:41:03 PM CST
Sarah and Ed...So happy for the both of you! And a web page!!Wow!!! With Tara getting older I need to know about all of this cool stuff. Looking forward to next weekend! God Bless

From: Kelly (Berrall) KonsFriend of Bride Groom
8/1/2002 12:14:12 PM CST
Ha! I get to be the first to sign :-) I am very excited about your upcoming wedding, guys! It is so wonderful when two of your friends fall in love with each other and you get to be happy for both of them! I hope your lives are filled with unimaginable joy and contentness!!!And, U-rah rah, Wisconsin!

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Ed and Sarah
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