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May 27, 2020  

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1-800 Number Survey

1) Would you be (or would you have been) interested in a 1-800 number that your guests could call to RSVP?
  Yes, Very Interested
  Yes, Somewhat Interested

2) What is the most you would be willing to pay for this service?
$50 $75
$100 $150

3) How much do you think a 1-800 number RSVP service would cut down on your wedding invitation costs?
$0 $200 - $275
$50 - $125 $275 - $350
$125 - $200 $350 or more

4) How would you prefer to pay for this service?
A one-time fee.
A setup fee and a per invitation mailed fee (i.e. $35 setup and $0.75 per invitation being mailed).
A setup fee and a fee per called received, billed to your credit card monthly (i.e. $35 setup and $2.50 per call received).

5) How many others do you know who might purchase a wedding website if this service was offered with it?
1-3 couples
3-5 couples
6 or more couples

6) How much time do you think would you save by using the 1-800 RSVP service?
None 3 - 5 Hours
Less than 1 Hour 5 - 7 Hours
1 - 3 Hours 7 or more Hours

7) Would you be willing to place a unique code on your invitations along with the 1-800 number to indicate to the operator what couple the RSVP is intended for?

8) How many invitations did (or will) you mail?

9) What percentage of your guests would you anticipate using the 1-800 number?
5% - 10% 50% - 75%
10% - 25% 75% - 100%
25% - 50%

10) If you are offering meal choices to your guests, would you expect the operator to know the meal choices to offer your guests?
I am not offering meal choices


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