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"The highest love of all finds its fulfillment not in what it keeps, but in what it gives."
- Father Andrew SDC

Michael Connell and Jennifer Itzo
August 17, 2002

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From: PeterFriend of Groom
11/15/2011 5:27:58 PM CST
Society may call it pedophilia, I call it game. High fives my brotha.

From: PersFriend of Groom's Family
10/25/2008 1:11:22 PM CST
Hello, my name is Pers, I lucky

From: NikeBridesmaid
10/23/2008 3:22:00 PM CST
Hello, my name is Nike, I lucky

From: Michael SmithOther
7/18/2004 12:46:30 PM CST
I found your website online and really enjoyed your story and all the pictures. Hope you have a lifetime of happiness.Sincerely,Michael Smith

From: carriannNot Indicated
3/24/2004 9:14:09 AM CST
hi jen i would just like to say i think ur photos are fab

From: Kelly ConnellOther
3/17/2004 3:44:25 PM CST
Hi,Came across your fabulous website, was so enchanted by it!I am not your bridesmaid!!!

From: ErinFriend of Bride's Family
11/9/2003 12:20:07 PM CST
Your wedding was great and beutiful good luck on your new life!

From: NasimaFriend of Bride
7/7/2003 8:20:47 AM CST
Michael Connell and Jennifer's site is a great site - with excellent information!!

From: NikkiOther
3/17/2003 10:31:03 PM CST
I really liked your site and the fact that I am number one on the quiz (how that happened I have no clue)! Congrats on the wedding, I was surfing because I am creating a website for my wedding...so far I liked yours the best. Look out for ours coming soon at NikkiandThomas.com

From: Shadow LeeOther
2/2/2003 5:58:07 PM CST
Just stumbled upon your site, very well done.

From: Tina DixonOther
1/24/2003 5:13:06 AM CST
Nice website. Congratulations on your marriage. I hope that it grows stronger everyday.

From: RushmiOther
1/13/2003 5:30:10 AM CST
this is rushmi from Bangladesh..I found your web page after searching,,,this is..nice to see u Michael & jennifer.Wish u all the best fro a happy married life. thanks you.

From: Carolyn Ray McDermottFriend of Bride's Family
7/15/2002 10:12:10 PM CST
We have received your beautiful invitation. We are honored to have been included. Unfortunately we are unable to attend. But, we do have some wonderful words of wisdom to share with you. 'It doesn't really matter where you go in life, what you do, or how much you have, it's who you have beside you that really matters!'All our love, Carolyn and Ray

From: chris McCarthyFriend of Bride's Family
6/10/2002 9:08:24 AM CST
hello, cannot wait---hope all goes well.Chris Mc

From: Nancy SweeneyFriend of Groom
5/24/2002 9:43:15 PM CST
My other son... Be happy together, be kind to each other and never go to bed angry. I love you Michael....Nancy 'MOM # 2) Jen, you're a luck gal.

From: Marisa FayeFriend of Bride Groom
4/30/2002 11:05:05 PM CST
I am so thrilled for you both. All my love and congratulations!

From: Joanne TaylorMaid of Honor
4/28/2002 8:14:43 PM CST
I am so excited about your wedding, and so thrilled that I get to share in your special day!! The kids are so excited as well. Wishing you both much love, health & happiness :)Can't wait until August 17th.....

From: Joanne TaylorNot Indicated
4/28/2002 8:12:43 PM CST

From: Tim SchaferFriend of Bride Groom
4/28/2002 8:01:29 PM CST
Looking forward to August and sharing the moment. Happy to have known the both of you, and to be able to introduce my best friend to my love. Congrats again, and again.

From: Donna and Gary ZieglerRelative of Bride
4/25/2002 12:24:39 PM CST
Great website! Gary is really looking forward to his part in making your day a very special one. Good luck and happiness to you both!

From: Linda AbeleFriend of Bride
4/19/2002 9:44:17 PM CST
I was a little nervous dropping you off that night in Hudson Falls but it all worked out. I guess you showed me!Much love, health, and happiness to you both. Love this web page!

From: ken and michele Relative of Bride
4/16/2002 6:29:24 PM CST
We are happy for the two of you. If you are half as happy for the rest of your life as Billie and Joanne and Michele and I are, you will be twice as happy as most other people in the world. Best wishes.

From: Carol A ConnellRelative of Groom
3/12/2002 3:30:48 PM CST
I never saw anything this. It is really great to have this as you can save it for the rest of your life. Love to you both.

From: TraceyFriend of Bride Groom
2/1/2002 11:48:45 AM CST
I love the website idea and it really fits the two of you.This wedding gives me hours of entertainment because I get to see and hear the plans while in the process.We wish you both the very best and know you will have a very long, happily married life together.

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